The Collective supports clients wherever they are in their change journey – initiating, designing, executing, or requiring delivery assurance

Your Needs

Do you need to reset your strategy to stay ahead of the ever-changing market around you?

Are you sure your strategy can be implemented? 

Does your organization have the capacity and capabilities to achieve it?

How We Can Help

Get Started
Engage leading experts in your sector to give your strategy the edge you need in the market

Deploy our transformation expertise to ensure your strategy can be implemented within your organization’s operating model

Align Efforts
Provide guidance, techniques and tools for you to align the work your organization has underway with your strategic goals

Your Needs

With a new strategy, there’s often a strong desire to take action but do you have a clear design for the operating model required to achieve the goal?

Are all functions of your business aware of their role in achieving successful change?  Are they aware of the complex web of inter-dependencies – what is required of them and by when?

How We Can Help

Define target architecture and operating model that aligns to desired outcomes and timelines

Develop an approach and roadmap that simplifies the complexity and makes the change journey clear

Provide tools and techniques for staff to understand how their function is involved

Your Needs

Transformational change is complex: when building your plans, do you know if you have all the right components?

Are you confident that your projects are delivering?

If your projects are in trouble, do you know how to fix them?

How We Can Help

Build achievable plans tailored to your circumstances that deliver timely results

Establish delivery oversight frameworks that proactively track performance and ensure benefit delivery

Real time assessment of issues with immediate actionable solutions

Your Needs

Do you have the right skills and experience to deliver the change?

If your teams are not delivering, do you know what the root cause is, and how to address it?

Is the complexity of the change overwhelming your team’s ability to effectively deliver it – are you set up for success?

How We Can Help

Develop team structures that are aligned to project needs

Review team dynamics (using Predictive Index AI tools) and  collective capability and capacity for alignment

Deploy project delivery leaders that can deliver/mentor to ensure success

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